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World-class Japanese Instant Noodles

Japan has huge variety of instant noodles and  more advanced than any country.

The instant noodle is invented in 1963 by Momofuku Ando in Japan , and has been evolving day by day.

You can find it easily at the supermarket or 24 hours convenience store in your daily life.

We can eat it just by pouring hot water within 5minutes and also can be stored for a long time.

Besides, the price is reasonable, and needless to say the taste is delicious.

4 Goodness points of instant noodles


You can eat easy by pouring hot water. When you are hungry, you can eat it quickly.

It is also useful for mountaineering and camping meals.

It can be stored for a long time

Generally, major instant noodle manufacturer has set an expiration date as 8 months for instant noodles in bag noodles and 6 months for instant noodles in cup noodles.


You can buy a set of noodles in a bag for about 300-500 yen (5 bags), and a cup noodle for about 100-300 yen at the supermarket / 24 hours convenience store.

If you eat ramen at the ramen shop, it takes about 800-1,000 yen.

It may taste less than eating at a ramen store, but it's very reasonable compared to ramen shop.

High quality

Recently, a lot of ramen that the ramen shop owner supervises in collaboration with the manufacturer has been released.

These are more authentic and reproduces the taste of the shop considerably.

You can enjoy the taste of the shop at home without going to the ramen shop.

Tsuta Ramen(蔦ラーメン) /  Ramen shop ”Japanese Soba noodles 蔦" × Seven premium

Introduction of various instant noodles

In Japan, Instant noodles are not only ramen but also wide variety of noodles.


Donbee(どん兵衛) / Nisshin

buckwheat noodles (Soba)

Edo Soba(江戸そば)/ by Nisshin

Oiled Ramen Noodles (Abura Soba)

Bubuka Abura Soba(ぶぶか 油そば) / by Myojo

Stir-fried noodles (Yakisoba)

Nisshin Yakisoba U.F.O. / Nisshin

The bestseller cup Yakisoba in Japan

Vietnamese Pho

Yasai Pho (野菜 PHO) / Acecook


Instant noodle is one of the best Japanese specialty and it is useful in many homes in Japan.

If you look for souvenirs in Japan for your family or your own country's friends , I would like to recommend you adding instant noodles as an option for souvenirs!

Nowadays, people have less to eat out due to the corona virus, but please find your best instant noodles at the supermarket or convenience store and enjoy at home!

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